Single-Ply Membrane

Shield Your Building with the Best!

Our Conklin Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System (Flexion) is the best in the industry. Our system is made with premium materials. This ENERGY STAR-rated, thermoplastic membrane provides fantastic protection from the elements. Its unique CPA formulation has been modified with DuPont Elvaloy for superior strength, durability, and flexibility. It is naturally fire-resistant and has been recognizes by most major code-approval agencies. Flexion is an excellent choice for both new and re-roofing applications. 

  • Can be applied in all seasons, performs in all climates. 
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense. 
  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing.
  • Offers superior protection from wind and hail. 
  • Offers fire and chemical resistance. 
  1. Remove loose debris from roof. 
  2. Install approximately 1″ thick approved board stock. 
  3. Fasten Flexion 50 mil. single-ply membrane. 
  4. Thermal-fuse (hot-air wield) overlapping seams. 
  5. Seal free edges using 360-S urethane sealant.