Residential Roofing

Step #1: Order Your Materials

We start the process by:

  • Scheduling a convenient date to start.
  • Ordering materials for your roof repair or replacement.
  • Shipping the materials directly to your home. 

Step #2: Protect Your Home

We protect your property by covering your landscaping around the roof area, double-checking all of our equipment, and callling you with any questions or concerns. 

Step #3: Repair Your Roof

Our crew will arrive on the agreed-upon date and install your new roofing system. Your new roof will: 

  • Be more energy efficient.
  • Increase curb appeal. 
  • Last for many years. 

Step #4: Clean Your Property

Upon completion of the job, our cleaning checklist includes: 

  • Removing nail and debris from your gutters. 
  • Running magnet rollers to pick up nails that may have fallen. 
  • Hauling off remaining materials. 

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