Preventative Maintenance

Want Your Roof to Last Longer?

We offer preventative maintenance to help maintain your roof! Just like a new car needs regular maintenance to maintain performance, your roof needs maintenance. 


We have biannual and annual preventative maintenance plans, custom-tailored to your situation. Let’s talk!

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Our Preventative Maintenance Process

Step 1: Inspect Your Roof

We thoroughly look over your roof to inspect every aspect of it, and report directly to you.

Step 2: Clean Your Gutters

We clean your gutters and clear them of debris, leaves, buildup, etc.

Step 3: Check and Clean Drains

We inspect and clean out all drains connected to the roof, including field and auxiliary drains. 

Step 4: Inspect Vents

We make sure air flow is working properly in your roof’s vents. 

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